Mixing Mystery, Mischief and Mayhem

If your child likes a bit of excitement, we’d love to introduce them to Dani! The best almost-eight-year-old detective in Shady Hollow.

Dani and the Haunted House
Dani and the Mall Caper
Dani and the Rocking Horse Ranch

What makes a Dani P. Mystery book different?

Our Characters

Children need relatable characters.
The first thing you’ll realize is that our characters are far from perfect! Dani and Chloe have real emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. And despite their differences, they are stronger together–just the way best friends should be!

Life Lessons

Amongst all the mischief you'll find teachable moments.
We encourage open dialogue between parents and children, which is why we subtly weave important life lessons into our books. It is our hope that our stories will provide a platform in which to discuss important issues.

Challenge Words

Early readers need to be introduced to new words.
The Dani P. Mystery books are geared toward children 6-10 or grades 1-5. Although the series caters to emergent readers, we sprinkle challenge words throughout our books in order to expose a child to some advanced vocabulary.

Editorial Reviews:

“Children will definitely find the book entertaining with its cute mysteries and twists and turns. The friendship between the two girls and their different personalities add more vigor to the plot and their realistic portrayal lends credibility to the events. There is mystery, spookiness and humor in the plot. The illustrations give an identity to the girls and make the scenes come alive. The interactive questions at the end of the story will interest kids. It is an excellent way to refresh what they have read. It is a good book for children and perfect to be kept in school libraries. The plot is intelligent and creative and makes for a fun read.”
Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite, 5 Star Review
“Once in a long while, one comes across a children’s series that is not only well-written but says something meaningful. This is one of those series. The Dani P. Mystery books are fun, engaging, a real delightful read. The dialogue has both warmth and spunk, the plots are well developed and we come to care for the characters because the author cares about them. Each adventure is a treat. These are the sort of stories that make reading fun. They also tell us about friendship, loyalty, unexpected courage – and, mostly, that having the confidence to be oneself, even though different, is a good thing. Root for spunk. Root for overalls. Root for the Junior Detective Team!”
Editor, Inkspokes Literary E-zine, 5 Star Review